Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence

OneShared.World is a broad and inclusive movement of stakeholders working collaboratively across diverse cultures, communities, ethnicities, organizations, entities, interests, generations, and nations to ensure a better future for humankind and the sustainability of our common home.

We seek to promote the democratic expression of our common humanity as an essential pillar of our global power structure and drive real and meaningful change in practices, structures, systems, and outcomes ensuring tangible progress toward addressing our greatest collective needs.

Recognizing, as the COVID19 pandemic has powerfully reminded us, that we are all one humanity facing common existential challenges, we:

Hold that only an appreciation of our deep interdependence with each other and all the species and ecosystems on our planet must underpin efforts to successfully champion a healthy, safe, and sustainable future;

Assert our mutual responsibility for our common well-being;

Affirm that concern for the welfare of humanity begins with each one of us and that the goals, processes, and desired outcomes of our effort must be aligned; and

Believe that even at this time of crisis the magnitude of the threats we face pales in comparison to our potential for coming together to build a better, brighter world.

Therefore, OneShared.World adopts the following declaration:

The common and essential aspirations of humanity have been reflected well in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals, which we fully support.

Although our existing states and international institutions have made a tremendous contribution to global peace, security, stability, and well-being, these entities have proven incapable of sufficiently addressing many of our greatest common needs.

These include but are not limited to:

  • A failure to build the predictive, preventive, and responsive infrastructure to protect us from global pandemics like COVID-19;
  • A failure to prevent the dangerous proliferation of nuclear, chemical, cyber, and other weapons of mass destruction;
  • A failure to address climate change, to prevent environmental degradation, and to defend the survival of all species and the sustainability of our planet;
  • A failure to protect the most vulnerable among us from hunger, malnutrition, discrimination, disease, and disorder; and
  • A failure to establish structures that embed our most cherished collective values in the management of our global commons and financial system and in the applications of our powerful technologies.

Our inability to meet these common challenges is rooted in a fundamental mismatch between the priorities of our national governments and our collective needs as humans sharing the same planet. While our existing states and international organizations remain essential, we can only address our greatest global challenges by expanding our concept of and capacity for collective action.

In this spirit, we seek to build a third pillar of the global power structure beyond sovereign states and the essential international institutions our governments have created. This third pillar is a fully inclusive global social movement and political force representing the democratic expression of our common humanity.

We understand that the force of our common aspiration as humans must augment and inspire, not replace, the critical work being done by many governments and international institutions.

We demand from the leaders of these institutions at all levels a commitment to informed decision-making that balances national interests with global public interests for mutual benefit across geographies and generations.

We believe our movement must be built from the ground up around a network of individuals, organizations, and entities working together on the local, regional, national, and global levels.

We appreciate that although new technologies enable historically unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, people who must be part of this process are not yet connected to this global communications grid.

Recognizing diversity as our greatest strength, we declare our interdependence and mutual duties and responsibilities as individuals and members of distinct communities, organizations, entities, and nations all in this together.

We pledge ourselves to:

  1. Support the establishment of a predictive, preventive, and responsive infrastructure to protect us from shared existential threats;
  2. Ensure that the most disempowered among us may enjoy the same essential liberties as the prominent and powerful, that our human commonality is celebrated within the context of our essential diversity, and that our equally worthy lives may be lived in dignity;
  3. Work directly and through our communities, organizations, entities, and nations to safeguard our common humanity and shared home;
  4. Forge a safe and sustainable global environment for all the species and ecosystems on our planet;
  5. Guarantee the health, safety, and well-being of all children and all people and to ensure that they have equitable education, health care, and security;
  6. Support and share artistic expression in all its forms to help engender connection, respect, meaning, and communication across cultures; and
  7. Uphold and promote human fellowship through mutual consideration, respect, empathy, and kindness.

In assigning our names to this declaration, we commit ourselves to acting to the best of our abilities in pursuit of these principles and call on all people and all organizations, entities, and nations to come together to collectively address our most pressing common challenges.

To this end, we citizens of our various countries and our shared world mutually pledge to each other the energy of our lives, the opportunity of our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

If you support these principles, please join our global movement by signing our Pledge.

Declaration Translations (PDF)

Arabic / اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ‎ / اعلان التكافل المتبادل

Armenian /հայերեն / Փոխադարձ Կախվածության Հռչակագիր

Bengali / আন্তঃনির্ভরতার ঘোষণা

Chinese (Simplified) / 中文(简体) / 共存宣言

Chinese (Traditional) / 中文 (繁體) / 共存宣言

Dutch / Nederlands / Verklaring Van Interdependentie 

English / “Declaration of Interdependence” 

French / Francais Declaration D’interdependance

German / Deutsche / Interdependenz-erklärung

Hindi / हिन्दी / स्वतंत्रता का उद्घोष

Italian / Italiano / Dichiarazione Di Interdipendenza

Mongolian / монгол хэл / Харилцан Хамаарлын Тунхаглал

Portuguese / Português / Declaração De Interdependência


Spanish / Español / Declaración De Interdependencia

Swahili / Kiswahili / Tangazo La Kujisimamia

Tagalog / Tagalog / Deklarasyon Ng Pagkakaisa

Tibetan / བོད་སྐད་ / རྟེན་འབྲེལ་གྱི་བསྒྲགས་གཏམ།

Turkish / Türkçe / Karşilikli Bağ(Im)Lilik Bi̇ldi̇rgesi̇

Xhosa / Isixhosa / Isibhengezo Sokuxhomekeka Omnye Komnye

Zulu / Isizulu / Isimemezelo Sobudlelwano

Original Signatories to the Declaration of Interdependence

Ida Abbott, USA, Legal profession consultant, retirement coach, author

Steven Ablondi, Republic of South Africa, Founder of Memel.Global L3C

Isabel Adler, USA, Student of government and environmental studies, environmental entrepreneur

Laurence Sarah Ainouz, Israel, Natura nihil frustra facit

Scott Akenhead, Canada, Fisheries Ecologist, Programmer/Analyst

Rasha Al Mubarak, UAE, Humanitarian, Dream Maker

Nathaly Alarcon, Bolivia, Data Scientist

Tracey Alexander, USA/CANADA, TV Executive Producer

Wellington Amaral Jr., Brazil, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Moviemaker

David A. Andelman, U.S.A. /France, Journalist / Author

Kurt Karsten Andersen, Denmark, Lecturer

Kushagra Aniket, New York, Consultant, Investor

Anousheh Ansari, USA, CEO, XPRIZE

Davi Appel-Hulsebosch, Canada, Defender of Democracy

Ashton Applewhite, USA, author and activist working to end discrimination on the basis of age

Pedro Eli Arenas, Mexico, Entrepreneur / Logistics and Aviation Technology

Elad Azoulay, USA, Consultant

Caroline Baron, USA, Filmmaker, Humanitarian, Founder FilmAid International

Nir Barzilai, USA, Director of the Eintein-Institute for Aging Research; Professor of Medicine and Genetics

Habib Bashiru, Ghana, Barber

Ajay Batra, India, Startup Evangelist

Larry Baum, Hong Kong, Biologist, Hong Kong University

Frederick Baumer, USA, Retired property owner

Tom Bepler, USA, Organizational Development consultant

Paul Arthur Berkman, USA/World, Science Diplomacy

Barak Berkowitz, USA

Avinesh Singh Bhar, USA/Malaysia, A physician educator and agitator

Malaika Bhayana, USA

Rita Blitt, USA, Visual Artist

Michael Bonahan, USA, Youth mentoring and Rites of Passage advocate

Enid Borden, USA, CEO, National Foundation to End Senior Hunger

Sebastian Buck, USA, Co-founder, enso

Andreas Bummel, Germany, Executive Director, Democracy Without Borders

Alan Burnham, United States, Scientist

Evan Caldon, USA

Joseph Carvin, USA, Founder One World

Orietha Castillo, Bolivia, Interested in DataScience

Mikhael Catapang, Philippines/USA

Garrett Chan, USA, Silicon Valley Engineer and ex-Neuroscientist

Divya Chander, USA, Anesthesiologist

Serena H. Chen, USA, physician and advocate for reproductive health freedom and wellness

Haylen Cheung, Hong Kong

Cindy Chin, USA, CEO CLC Advisors & NASA Datanaut

Sandra Chin, Australia, Landscape Architect

Edmon Chung, Hong Kong, DotAsia, Internet & Governance Advocate & Engineer

James P. Clark, USA, Founder, The World Congress for a New Civilization & The World Technology Network

Martha Colin, Mexico, M.S. in Genetics and part of the Colegio de Biólogos de Mexico

Rachel Cooper, USA, Global Arts Producer and cultural activist

Pierre Cormier, Canada, Independent thinker, Psychologist

Dr. Mauricio Corona, Mexico, Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence advisor

Keyla Costa, Australia, Telecom Engineer, Student of International Relations

Simone Cutts Chiu, Canada, HR manager

Sheung Chit Chu, Hong Kong, MSc Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine MBBS, University of Hong Kong

Peter de Clercq, South Africa, Visiting Professor, Wits University Johannesburg and former DSRSG of the United Nations in Somalia SibongiseniMazingisa, South Africa Legal Manager

Emma de Jong, Hong Kong

Dahlia, Australia, Graduate Student

Alireza Danesh, Canada, Physician, Neuroscience, Animal rights, ovovegetarian

Samuel Davidson, USA

Jacqueline Davis, USA, Art leader

Vishakha Desai, USA/India, Rooted Globalist

Joan Ditzion, USA, Co- Founder, Co-Author of Our Bodies Ourselves

Sulay Djalo, Denmark, Case Manager at Psykiatrisk home

Scott Doll, USA, CEO The Global Impact Group; CEO YMCS Alpharetta

Jamie Douglas, USA, communications strategist

Ed Dowding, UK, Pragmatic optimist

Bre Dunphy, France, Concerned individual, father, entrepreneur and citizen of this small world

Natasha Durel, USA, Life Long Student & Teacher

Ken Dychtwald, United States, Psychologist, Gerontologist, Author, Documentary Filmmaker

Zak Dychtwald, USA, Author

Maddy Dychtwald, USA, Author & Co-founder, Age Wave

Alfred Eisaian, USA, High Tech Serial Entrepreneur / Environmentalist

Josh Eisemann, USA, Student

Terri Ercole, USA, Teacher

Cindy Escobar Pereira, New Zealand/ Bolivia, Cultural Policy Adviser, Manager in technological cultural projects

Serena Ettinger, USA, Student

Betsy Fader, USA, Nonprofit and philanthropy executive

Ross Feldberg, USA, Climate and social justice activist

Paul Felsen, USA, Insurance agency principal

Paul Fillinger, USA, Photographer, Humanitarian

Shane Foran, Canada, Fashion Entrepreneur, Designer,  Advocate for breaking moulds

Patrick B Fox, USA, retired educator who continues to contribute to both education and Spirituality of Aging

Sarah Frankland, USA/UK

Ladeene Freimuth, USA, President, The Freimuth Group; energy and environmental consultant

Jessica French, UK

Peter Galbraith, USA, Ambassador (ret), author, freelance diplomat

Yvonne Galligan, Ireland, Academic

Anuraj Gambhir, Australia, Innovation Catalyst & Exponential Techpreneur

Jorge Bernal García, Spain/Mexico, Information Technology, Entrepreneur

Tracy Gary, USA, Philanthropic and Legacy Advisor, Unleashing Generosity and donor leader

Oliana Gegprifti, USA/Albania, Entrepreneur, Global Affairs

Mary Gendler, USA

Konstantinos Georgiadis, Greece, NLP Product Architect

Christina Gerakiteys, Australia, A catalyst for change

Stéphanie Germain, France, Executive Assistant

Pedro Teran Gezn, Bolivia/New Zealand, software developer, environmentalist activist.

Chandrani Ghosh, USA/India, Journalist, writer

Damián Gil, Spain, Radiologist

Rubén López Gil, Spain, Small company business manager living in different countries, open-minded person

Nili Gilbert, USA, Investor, Entrepreneur & Civil Society leader

Terence Gilbey, USA, CEO and General Manager of the Esalen Institute

Jay Golden, USA, Founder, Retellable; Author and Storytelling Coach

Vanessa Gotthainer, Costa Rica, Social Activist, Director of Global Administration, One Shared World

John Graham, USA

Lucas Gualda, Argentina, Researcher on foreign affairs, youtuber, marketing consultant

Alan Gump, USA, IT Analyst

Michelle Gurry, Australia, Policy Officer, Health and Human Services

Donna Hackley, USA, Local resident, global citizen

Jess Hall, United Kingdom (Wales), Primary School Teacher/ Singer Songwriter

Julie Hambrook Berkman, USA, Global Educator

Julie Hamilton, United Kingdom, Founder, entrepreneur, people transformer

Seth Handelman, USA, Minor Outlying Islands, Musician, Songwriter, Husband, Father

Kerry Hannon, USA, Author, Columnist

Cody Hanson, United States, Socially Beneficial Business

Denise Haskamp, USA, Art gallery curator, adjunct professor

Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD, USA, Ophthalmologist and biotech entrepreneur

Wanda Hennig, South Africa, Writer, traveler, long-time Zen student

Tianna Herman, USA/Jamaica, Masters student at the Bloomberg School of Public Health

Laura Herman, Singapore

Richard Herman, USA, Educator Founder InterlockenCamp

Daniel Herrera, MBA, Ecuador, Procurement Manager

Andrew Hessel, USA, Chairman, Genome Project-write

Bob Holden, USA, former Missouri Governor

Lucia Horan, USA, Mindfulness teacher

Reinhard Hübsch, Germany, Elektro Meister

Kim Hulett, South Africa, CEO of Next Biosciences, Director of National Heritage Project, Oliver Tambo Foundation Trustee

Hallie Humbert, USA, Student

Fern Hurst, USA

Susie Ibarra, USA, Composer, Percussionist, Sound Artist

Michael J. Imperiale, USA, Scientist

Cornelis Jacobs, Netherlands/France, Strategist, Entrepreneur

Suzi Jamil, Australia, Owner & Director of Think Inc.Philip Landau, USA, Executive

Dariusz Jemielniak, Poland, Professor of management, Kozminski University

Vishwanath  K, India

Peter Kaldes, USA, CEO, American Society on Aging

Shing Man Kam, Hong Kong

Christian Kemp-Griffin, France, CEO of CelluComp

Keith Kendrick, USA, philosopher, scientist, designer, hopeful skeptic

Casey Kent-Dychtwald, USA, Producer and partnerships specialist across music and entertainment

Anke Kessler, Australia, Collaborator of

Irit Keynan, Israel, writer, researcher, educator, social justice and peace activist

Ismail Mohamed Khairat, Mauritania, Master in Sustainable Development, writer principally in Arabic newspapers and websites

Rasha Khalifa Al Mubarak, UAE

Ahmad Kiarostami, Iran/USA, Entrepreneur

Judi Kilachand, USA, social entrepreneur

Mitch Kirsch, USA, Event and Experience Producer

Daniel Kraft, Physician and Exponential Medicine founder

Michael Kulma, USA, International Educator

Jake Landau, USA, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer

Lori Landau, USA, Interdisciplinary Artist with a focus on Indigenous and decolonial art

Gary Lee, Hong Kong, IT Analyst, Interest in Politics and Social Affairs. Knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics

Michael Lessac, USA/France, Theatre & Science for a Global Arts Corps

Ansley Lester, USA, Archaeologist

Kenneth Levinson, USA, International Trade Leader & Father

Luchen Li, United States, Higher Education, Steinbeck Scholar

Tom Liao, United Kingdom, Regulatory Affairs Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

Monica Limachi, Bolivia, Technology Evangelist; she-her; organic food; food biotechnology

Adam Lindemann, Hong Kong Group, CEO at Mind Fund

Sharon Liu, USA

Jessica Lohmann, Germany, Voice talent, eco fantasy author & ethical marketing strategist

Miguel Lopez de Silanes Gomez, Spain, Audentes fortuna iuvat

Diane Elizabeth Huntington Loring, United Kingdom, Masters Student, Eighteenth Century Studies, University of York, UK

Isaac Mao, Hong Kong, Information Technology, Philosopher

Jim Marggraff, USA, Serial Entrepreneur, Chairman The Global Impact Group

Leslie D. Mark, USA, Calligrapher by profession; Grassroots Organizer by necessity

Grace Martens, USA, Student

Rodrigo Martinez, USA, Life Sciences Entrepreneur, Design + Marketing + Branding

Carmiña Matienzo, Bolivia, Human Resources Manager, Tech Communities advocate

Richard Maxheim, Germany, The Mondialists

Nuala McCormack, Ireland, Stockbroker retired now full time carer

Skip McCowan, USA, Lawyer

Ansherers Matlokotsi, South Africa, I am an Entrepreneur and startup investor

Joseph Vincent Melillo, USA, Performing Arts Administrator

Jamie Metzl, USA, Founder and Chair, OneShared.World

Kurt Metzl, USA, Pediatrician

Marilyn Metzl, USA, Psychologist

Arabella C. Meyer, USA, Communicator/Marketer

Dahlia, Mikha, Australia, Graduate student of editing and publishing

Cindy Milenka Escobar Pereira, New Zealand/Bolivia

Anne M. Mogensen, France, retired, Amnesty International

Jim Moore, USA, director strategic awakening

Alex Moorjani, Canada

Steve Moran, USA, Publisher/Thought Leader

Robert Morison, USA, Researcher, Author, Management Consultant

Robert Muggah, Brazil/Canada, Founder, SecDev Group and Igarape Institute

Anne Muigai, Kenya, Genetisist, University Lecturer

Neelava Mukherjee, India, Self Employed

Mohak Nahta, USA, Entrepreneur

Robert Nechin, Israel

Susan Nechin, Israel

Laura Nicholson, USA, Communications and Advocacy Exec

Craig Norberg-Bohm, USA, Social action, community education

Judy Norsigian, USA, co-founder and board chair, Our Bodies Ourselves

Larry O’Keefe, Canada, Retired

Sissi Palmieri, Italy, Official translator

Chun Sing Pang, Hong Kong, Software Engineer

Manoj Panjwani, USA, Social Entrepreneurship – Advisor and Mentor

Marie Papazian, USA, Student

Mary Papazian, USA, President, San Jose State University

Alejandro Paredes, Spain, Career development

Seema Patil, India, Writer, author, retired CEO

Elyse Pellman, USA

Alex (Sandy) Pentland, USA, MIT Professor, Board Member UN Foundation Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Joanna Picetti, Argentina, dreamer, futurist, global shaper, storyteller, politician, activist, visionary, and magician

Simone Pollano, Italy, executive active in the automotive industry

Chun Yu Poon, Hong Kong, officer under the Environmental Protection Department of Government of Hong Kong

Mary Ellen Powell, USA, Committed to making sustainable change to better our world

Phloeun Prim, Cambodia, Cultural entrepreneur

Catherine Racowsky, USA, Professor, Harvard Medical School

Rui Ramos, Poland, Financial and educational technology, member of Khan Academy, The City Tutors, and Virtonomics

Robert Ransick, USA, Artist, Educator

Paula Rayman, Professor, USA

Brian Reaves, Netherlands, father, husband, serial entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Factris based in Amsterdam

Sampath Reddy, India, Entrepreneur

Claus Reimann, Germany, Redakteur einer Internetzeitung

Robyn Reynolds, USA, Director, Age Wave

Ian Reynolds, USA, Musician

Jan Risser, China, teacher

Valentine Roche, France, Advertising by day/Music producer – borderless record label co-founder by night

Emanuel Rodriguez-Ibarra, USA, Student, Soccer Player, Musician

Aurelio Rojas, USA, Retired from from 42 years of federal service, married with 4 children and 11 grandchildren

Ray Ronan, Ireland, Airline Pilot and Author, Founder Writers Game and WriteABookWithYourKids

Brandon Rosenbluth, USA, Independent music business

Lois Rosenfeld, USA, Grandmother, social action activist

Jeff Rubin, USA, Dharma Teacher and Director, Unconditional Healing

Victor Saadia, Mexico, Thinker, mover of ideas. Father of three.

Beto Saavedra, Bolivia, Talent builder, data feminist

Enric Sala, USA, Conservationist

Omar Sana, Canada, Consultant, Analyst

Eddy Sanchez, Bolivia, Data Economy entrepreneur

Wendy Sax, USA, Documentary Producer, vegan

Thomas Schindler, Germany / Costa Rica, Towards a good planet for everyone –

Thomas Schmitz, USA, Computer science Ph.D., and UBI enthusiast (Universal Basic Income)

John Schroder, USA, International Civil Servant + Founder

Erich Schumann, USA, Entrepreneur with global view, Adjunct Professor at Brandeis International Business School

Madelein Segurondo, Bolivia/Egypt, Food/healthTech passioned entrepreneur

Marc Seibert, Germany, system administrator

Thomas Seoh, USA, Development of life science product candidates

Chris Seow

Todd Sergot, USA, Self-taught practitioner of various energy healing modalities

Isha Sesay, UK/Sierra Leone, Journalist

Shagun Sethi, India/ USA, Student, Global development and human rights advocate

Simon Shen, Hong Kong, International Relations Associate Professor / Founder of GLOs

Leehe Skuler, Israel, Impact / climate investing and tech innovation global practitioner

Dee Smith, USA

Marjolijn Snippe, Netherlands, International lawyer

Lorna Solis, USA , Social Entrepreneur

Volker Soppelsa, Puerto Rico, Retired, disillusioned sustainability advocate

Daniel Soslowsky, USA, Student

Katja Speck, Germany, Passionate Entrepreneur. Human Rights believer. ClimateRealityLeader.

Kathryn Spellman Poots, USA/UK, Sociologist/Ethnographer

Neil Steinberg, USA

Samuel Stone, USA, International Relations Scholar, Wheaton College MA, Global Youth Coalition

Thomas Stopper, Germany

H Stephen Straight, USA, Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University

Ralph Stuurman, South Africa, Attorney and notary

Stella Suge, Kenya, FilmAid Kenya Country Director

Carrie Swain, USA, Human and Organizational Psychologist

Henry Tenedero, Philippines, Founding President, Education For All Development Center and Life Skills for Life Success

Klaus Thalmann, Spain, Global Executive, Digital Democracy

Robert Timberlake, USA, Educator: Education Consultant for simulation and learning

Ryan Titus, USA, Self employed DJ

Alvo Tse, Hong Kong, Student

Tanya Tull, USA, Social Entrepreneur

Finn Munk Ulrich, Denmark, Engineers Without Borders International

Steven Unger, USA, Retiring Innkeeper

Lee Vallance, New Zealand

Luke Van Meter, USA

Betsy Vorce, USA, Communications

Timmon Wallis, USA, Executive Director, NuclearBan.US

Kaoru Watanabe, USA, Composer and musician

Nell Watson, Northern Ireland, Technology Ethicist, Social Reformer

Mats Wedel, Sweden, World citizen

Noreen Weiss, USA, Lawyer, entrepreneur

Sven Werchan, Germany, Doctor working in health and integral nutrition

Gordon Wheeler, USA, relational psychologist;  author;  President, Esalen Institute Big Sur CA

Ruth White, USA, Concerned citizen of this world

Frank Wildman, USA Movement, Scientist, Educator

Jan Willenborg, Netherlands, Retired teacher of English

Michelle Witt, USA, Executive & Artistic Director, Meany Center for the Performing Arts University of Washington, Seattle

Jonah Wittkamper, USA, Philanthropy network organizer

Pamela Wolff, USA, Mother

Adi Wolpert, South Africa, social worker, Masters degree in Social Sciences Mental Health

Frank Wong, Macao, S.A.R., China IT Technician

David Wood, United Kingdom, Chair of London Futurists, Principal at Delta Wisdom

Nancy Worcester, USA, Artist

Michele Wucker, USA, Author, Strategist

Peter Xing, Australia, Cofounder @TranshumanismAU, Faculty @SingularityU, Tech & Growth @KPMG

Tom Yang, France, Singer/Dancer

Margaret Yang, USA

Maha Yaqoob, USA

Mike Young, USA, Healthcare Consultant

Sergey Young, United Kingdom, Founder of Longevity Vision Fund

Dave Zaboski, USA, Creative

Rodrigo Zapata, Mexico, Biotech entrepreneur

Flor De Maria Paiva Zegarra, Peru, Freelance translator, International Trading degree, socialist