Global Interdependence Coalition

Become Part of the Solution

The Global Interdependence Coalition is a gathering of leaders, world-shapers, and innovators from all parts of the world and walks of life. We believe that humanity and all life on Earth are fundamentally interdependent.

We are living in a failed paradigm — millions are suffering and many scenarios, across the world, are on the verge of getting worse. We are committed to finding the solutions and addressing the greatest common challenges affecting humanity.

There are various ways and degrees in which people can engage with us, and we want our platform to be one that can include everyone who shares our interest(s) across different levels of engagement.

Our Approach: Action Through Interdependence

We are empowering a nexus of change agents – individuals, organizations, and communities — to tackle the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Our movement is harnessing our collective capacity to learn, act, share, and teach brilliant ideas to ensure the basic needs of all people are met, today and for all generations to come. Together, we are limitless.

Means of Engagement

Coordinator Program and Summer Internships

Those interested in working directly with OneShared.World, contributing to regular campaigns and programs and performing administrative tasks are invited to apply as Coordinators and Interns. We are convening our partners, members, and efforts around the world, towards a framework to coordinate massive-scale commitment for a better future.

  • Coordinator Program: If you love raising your voice to fight for change, if you are excited about global interconnectedness, and if you are hungry to work with academics, business people, community leaders, and industry experts who are committed to build a better world, then this is the role for you.
  • Summer Internships: The global internships run from May through September and range from 4-8 weeks. You will be placed in one of our working groups and will be empowered to conduct independent research! Applications will be on a rolling basis and are open to all.

OneShared.World Chapters

This is a place for young people who want to systematically shift the direction of our world, from their own communities to the global level. It is a home for people who wish to integrate the best minds of humanity, bridge divides, and rise together towards a brighter future. Together, we continuously learn how to make our vision a reality through each moment of our lives, our personal careers, and our chapters.

We are re-writing the vision of the future, because leading the 21st century starts now. Ready to take your place and rise together?

Global Networks

If you/ your organization is interested in engaging with our ideas and in being apart of our global network wherein you (and/or your organization) are invited to attend brainstorming sessions, partner on global events and agendas, and work collaboratively towards addressing the greatest common challenges faced by humanity, we invite you to join our Global Network.

Current Chapters and Global Networks

OneShared.World Chapters

LGBTQ+ Chapter


Burak Doğaner



The LGBTQ+ Chapter upholds a vision of bringing multiple, diverse, and especially local perspectives together on a global platform. Inclusivity is incomplete without interdependence and by creating awareness and addressing the need for collective efforts by the youth is the need of the hour. The chapter aims at preparing the future leaders for creating an identity sensitive and inclusive society and eradicating homophobia and transphobia by normalizing conversation around taboo topics, and encouraging positive reform in the society

Chapter for Genetics Education


Emmett Berger



The Chapter for Genetics Education is committed to the mission of raising awareness on and crowdsourcing solutions to the issues of genetic manipulation, and the ethical considerations that come along with them. The implications of this expansive technology permeate every layer of existence, and nobody will be unaffected by it. The chapter utilizes the tenets of interdependencies as a pillar in its goal to help spread an understanding of what this means for our world in the coming decades.

SCC-OSW Philippine Chapter (St. Clare College – OneShared.World Philippine Chapter)


Dean Henry Tenedero



Anchored on St Clare College’s Vision and Mission and One Shared World’s Principles and Core Values, the SCC-OSW Philippine Chapter was established on December 10, 2020, symbolically coinciding with the United Nations’ Human Rights Day celebration. The Chapter has two-fold aims, namely: To embrace and integrate in tangible terms OSW’s Social Advocacies into the school’s Curriculum and Professional Development Programs, and to bring this OSW Advocacy to other schools and multi sectoral organizations, both public and private, throughout the Philippines and other ASEAN partner networks for greater inclusivity and sustainability

Bangladesh Chapter


Taskinul Huda Saquib & Tazmin Rahman

Contact &


The Bangladesh chapter is focused on two important missions of the 21st century: WASHPAP and climate change. We are working to ensure clean water and hygienic accommodation places for all people as well as raising awareness about COVID-19 across the country. Secondly, we are working to address climate change areas like deforestation, open plastic and waste disposal, and disaster mitigation by fostering personal, social and economic initiatives.

Global Networks

Global Youth

Global Youth is an apolitical not-for-profit organization that aims to empower student ambassadors for a global generation. It has been accredited for providing a dynamic youth base within India. It has successfully built a forum of diverse ideas and constructive dialogues over the eight years of its presence and has constructed a strong foundation of informed opinions, on which it firmly stands today.

With over 500+ active members, 200+ events and strong affiliation with organizations like India Council for World Affairs (ICWA), Think Tanks, High Commissions, Embassies and Non-Political Organizations, Global Youth is the place where anyone who wishes to understand Foreign policy, International relations and India’s position along with its stake in all of it through positive interactions, can access this platform to do so. The organization continues to offer them tools to make them active, insightful and vocal participants in creating a vision where India stands as a strong stakeholder in the world.

MUN Impact

Model United Nations has affected millions of delegates in personal, social and academic ways. But there’s always been a missing link-translating your knowledge and skills into actual impact in the world. MUN Impact seeks to fill this gap by giving you the tools, ideas, networks and inspiration to take action in your community. The MUN community is ready to partner with the United Nations, promote the SDGs and create the positive change our world needs.

Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University

The Committee on Global Thought was established by Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger in 2006 with the mission of enhancing the university’s engagement with issues of global importance. To understand the changing conditions of our contemporary world, we require new concepts and categories that pertain to and are derived from global phenomena as they are rapidly evolving. Not only does this challenge require a transnational perspective but it also demands thinking across the established academic disciplines, since issues such as global governance, varieties of democracy, economic inequality, new communication technologies, and diversity of cultures and religions often fall between or across conventional disciplinary borders. The Committee is therefore committed to cross-disciplinary and transnational approaches in order to address the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first-century world.

India Sanitation Coalition

The India Sanitation Coalition is a multi-stakeholder platform that brings the private sector, government, financial institutions, civil society groups, media, donors, bi-lateral/multilateral institutions, experts, etc. together on a common platform to work in the development space and drive the sanitation agenda of the country through a partnership model. Through a range of catalytic actions, the organization supports the unlocking of WASH financing with focus on the private sector, forging partnerships with allied organizations for leading the discourse on sustainable sanitation; convening, curating and disseminating best practices in the sanitation advocacy space and providing inputs into the policy aspects of sanitation through participation at the allied forums.