#WASHPAP2030 Campaign

Make sure every person on Earth has access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene, and essential protection from deadly pandemics by 2030


About #WASHPAP2030

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that all of our fates are interconnected and that we are only as safe as the most vulnerable among us. That’s why ensuring that everyone on earth has access to safe water, basic sanitation and hygiene, and essential protection by 2030, or #WASHPAP2030, is not charity but the best investment we can make in building a secure future for everyone. OneShared.World’s #WASHPAP2020 has been created to do just that, but we can only drive real change with your help.

#WASHPAP2030 for all prevents the rampant spread of communicable diseases and ensures a brighter, more equitable future for communities worldwide. But until now, we have lacked a robust strategy and the collective will to solve this solvable problem.

The pandemic demonstrated that these pathways between communities and countries and across continents can facilitate the travel of much more than just goods, ideas, and people. This interconnectedness has afforded humanity the opportunity to make huge leaps in science and business and create new connections across previously unfathomable distances. But along with these benefits, comes a shared vulnerability. Individual safety from this virus, and others like it, is now dependent on the safety of the collective. In other words, no one is safe until everyone is safe.

What we’ve done so far

OneShared.World’s WASHPAP campaign stemmed from the ground-breaking recommendation in our July 2020 report, Rise or Fall Together: Addressing the Emergency Needs of the World’s Most Vulnerable Populations in this Time of Global Crisis. In 2020, OneShared.World launched a successful global advocacy campaign calling on G20 leaders to include language endorsing WASHPAP for all in their Riyadh Summit final communique.

In early 2021, OneShared.World launched the #WASHPAP2030 campaign, targeting global leaders and specifically the G20. Working with partners including MUN Impact, the India Sanitation Coalition, and the Aga Khan Foundation, OneShared.World organized in a series of debates and consultations involving many hundreds of youth leaders in forty countries across the globe, working in multiple languages with with the advice of some of the world’s leading experts, to collectively draft a United Nations-style resolution outlining a specific plan for #WASHPAP2030.

This global youth-drafted resolution — officially released during the OneShared.World Global Interdependence Summit on Thursday, September 23, 2021 — departs from nearly all past youth consultation efforts in how it is designed to establish, implement, and promote an actionable plan for building a safer future where avoidable crises like the current pandemic can be prevented.

But to turn this vision of #WASHPAP2030 for all into a reality, we need your help.

The resolution has been shared all governments represented at the United Nations General Assembly and in the G20, but these leaders will only act meaningfully to solve this fully solvable problem if people around the work collectively to make this a priority.

OneShared.World #WASHPAP2030 Partners

Aga Khan Development Network
Footsteps Bangladesh
India Sanitation Coalition
MUN Impact
Sanitation and Water for All
Sustainable Sanitation Alliance 

The #WASHPAP2030 Campaign

As the pandemic spreads worldwide, there has never been a more critical moment to address the need for safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and pandemic protection for all. The #WASHPAP2030 resolution, and the collective voices for change it represents, must be seen and heard by leaders on the local, national, and international levels. Join us calling on the United Nations General Assembly and G20 to mobilize collective action and achieve the goal of WASHPAP for all by 2030.

The resolution emphasizes the need for transparency and full accountability and urges UN member states to realize a comprehensive strategy to achieve #WASHPAP2030. This is not limited to consciousness-raising or social media likes, but about driving real and measurable progress toward achieving a very specific goal.

The #WASHPAP2030 resolution is designed to complement the existing work on the issue, working in concert with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals that outline the development requirements for a just and equitable society for all. Our hope is that this resolution will be passed by the UN General Assembly and endorsed and funded by G20 leaders so that the critical work can accelerate and key benchmarks can be met.


Help us achieve our goal of calling on our world leaders to guarantee #WASHPAP2030 for every person on earth by being a part of our global advocacy campaign. Advocacy is both an immediate and ongoing effort, please refer to our Global Youth Advocacy Toolkit to take the first steps towards making real change.

OneShared.World Global Youth-Drafted UN Resolution

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