#WASHPAP2030 Toolkit

Tree-Planting Campaign

The future of life on this earth depends on the green cover — its forests and trees. Every tree planted anywhere in the world under the WASHPAP Program is a symbol of our shared responsibility, and a voice for providing WASHPAP for everyone on Earth.

Binay K Jha, Coordinator, OneShared.World WASHPAP tree-planting campaign

The #WASHPAP2030 campaign also includes a global WASHPAP tree plantation program to spread awareness and to help protect the environment.

A clean and green environment is essential for a sustainable planet earth. It is  inextricably connected  with water, universal  health and  a pandemic-free future for humanity. Therefore the  WASHPAP tree campaign  seeks to involve all people across the world, irrespective of age, many of whom live in or near localities that suffer extreme WASHPAP deprivation. It seeks to  involve industry and  businesses,  institutions and all societies since their economic health is also dependent on the wellbeing of their employees and coworkers. It seeks the involvement of every human being on this earth because the interconnected  and interdependent chain of humanity is only as strong as its most vulnerable people.

We invite you to join the thousands of people who are already participating in  the WASPAP tree campaign to support universal WASHPAP for humanity. Please plant one or more trees of your choice, at any convenient place of your choice, and share photographs with us along with your name, age and city or town. Encourage your family, friends, colleagues  and everyone in your circle to plant a WASHPAP tree. If  you cannot plant a tree, install a potted plant in your balcony or  your kitchen window; or even tie a ribbon on your window in  support of universal WASHPAP for every person on earth.

As your WASHPAP trees grow in numbers and size, they will  add to  the growing global voice and effort to meet our common challenges, help establish universal WASHPAP, and help create a clean environment and a  healthy future for humanity.

Our collective actions and voice today will determine the future wellbeing of humanity, the earth and its environment, and the quality of life that our youth will inherit tomorrow

Join the tree-planting campaign!

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Just a few of the thousands of our friends who have already planted #WASHPAP2030 trees…

WASHPAP trees planted on hill slopes in Himachal Pradesh, India to counter soil erosion and landslides

Team OLA planting trees in Bengaluru, India

Young WASHPAP tree supporter planted lemon plants in Dubai

25 WASHPAP trees were panted by NGO volunteers outside the Municipal Corporation office in Nagpur India

Sangeeta Sharan, Age 71, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Planting on hill-slopes near Shimla

Planting on the hill-slopes, in the rain