News & Media

We need a global OS upgrade

Leaps, June 7, 2023

Does Our Global Operating System Need an Upgrade?

World Government Summit, Dubai, February 14, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Shagun Sethi

The Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University

The Future, According to Jamie Metzl

Brunswick Review, April 5, 2022

Life: Coming to a Screen Near You blog, January 6, 2022

Global Youth Inspire UN General Assembly to Endorse a Plan Helping Those Most Vulnerable to Pandemic

OneShared.World Press Release, December 23, 2021

In a historic move, the United Nations General Assembly on December 16 passed Resolution 76/153 with language inspired by the work of high school and college students as well as recent university graduates across the globe. These young people, hailing from over forty countries, had collectively drafted a Model United Nations resolution outlining a specific plan for ensuring Clean Water, Basic Sanitation and Hygiene, and Essential Pandemic Protection (WASHPAP) for all by 2030, a new direction embraced by the UN General Assembly resolution…

Based on this work and outreach, leading negotiators within the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee invited OneShared.World to provide condensed language representing the longer youth resolution, to give a new direction to the official draft resolution on water and sanitation as human rights. Youth leaders who had played key roles in the organizing of the consultations and the drafting of the resolution were also invited to speak and present their work at UNGA-related events and in the media.

Read the full press release

Learn more about the youth-led #WASHPAP2030 campaign

OneShared.World’s Peter Ullrich is panelist for U.N. WASH event

OneShared.World Announcement, November 23, 2021

What Haiti needs now: Not all is lost if we engage the people

Daily News, July 24, 2021 | by Rick Barton, OneShared.World Senior Expert Advisory Committee Chair

Miraculous mRNA Vaccines are only the Beginning | Opinion

Newsweek, February 12, 2021 | by Jamie Metzl, OneShared.World Chair and Founder

Youth Leadership — Key to Global Pandemic Recovery

Medium, February 9, 2021 | by Rick Barton, OneShared.World Senior Expert Advisory Committee Chair, and Tarana Sable and Tianna Herman, OneShared.World Coordinators

Higher education should be the global voice of internationalisation

By Michael Kulma, OneShared.World Senior Advisor, University World News, December 12, 2020

India and OneShared.World Collaborate in Global Effort

Madhya Pradesh Times, November 28, 2020

OneShared.World Seeks a New Global Operating System

Hadassah Magazine, September, 2020

Let’s Come Together

OneShared.World promo, August 30, 2020, produced by The Mill

The Future Youth Want: Interdependence, Cooperation and Friendship

OneShared.World Coordinators, July 30, 2020

Jamie Metzl on Global Interdependence

Infosys Knowledge Institute Podcast, July 28, 2020

Meeting the Needs of the Most Vulnerable Amid COVID-19

LA Spectrum News 1, July 20, 2020

OneShared.World Stands Against Racism and Oppression

OneShared.World statement, June 16, 2020

Jewish Kansas City native sparks global social movement

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, May 28, 2020

Coming Together to Respond to the Pandemic

Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast, May 11, 2020

Jamie Metzl interview on Bloomberg radio

Bloomberg radio, May 8, 2020

Hacking The Coronavirus

Think Inc., April 26, 2020

Declaration of Global Interdependence, March 21, 2020

Screw This Virus!

David Brooks Op-Ed, New York Times, March 17, 2020

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