#SolveClimate Campaign

Global, youth-generated, interdependent solutions to the climate crisis

#SolveClimate: Interdependent Youth Solutions

OneShared.World, in collaboration with MUN Impact is launching a new, multi-phase climate initiative that YOU can be a part of. The goal of this initiative is to source creative solutions from global youth on the ever-worsening climate crisis and present these recommendations to stakeholders.

Young people are beginning to lead the climate change conversation, but it is important that instead of having the same circular dialogue we begin to generate innovative and actionable solutions. Because the greatest impediments to addressing climate change are structural, youth activism must, to be effective, connect efforts to address climate change itself with efforts to highlight and address the broader structural issues that make solving the climate crisis, just like solving the global public health and nuclear arms proliferation crises, all but impossible within the current international framework.

All of these challenges represent the broader paradox in our world today: although our greatest challenges are global and common, we don’t have a sufficient framework for addressing common global challenges.

The #SolveClimate initiative will occur in three stages: Simulation, Consultations, and Advocacy.

Part I: Simulation

Dates: July 23-24

During the Simulation phase, students will participate in MUN-style climate discussion in which students will explore climate issues through the lens of different climate stakeholders (e.g., farmer, fisherperson, artist, etc.) in the context of an international structure focused on our global interdependence.  Students will develop action plans outlining steps that can be taken to actually prevent the increase in global average temperatures from increasing more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. These debates will recognize as a starting point the 2022 IPCC report showing that current efforts are not sufficient for preventing a climate catastrophe.

Registration is open now for the July Climate Conversations.

Part II: Consultations

Dates: TBD

Based on the ideas identified in Part I, a representative group of students will put together a draft unified action plan, in the format of a youth declaration identifying an action plan for actually solving the climate crisis. By necessity, this declaration will address global structural issues beyond the climate crisis and will leverage the creativity, energy, and fresh eyes of the students. Students will meet with leading experts to seek advice and counsel on the ideas and documents. All students who participated in the discussions in Part I will be invited to provide input to the declaration.

Part III: Advocacy

Dates: TBD

Once the document has been completed, all students who participated in Parts I and II will join an advocacy campaign designed to promote the declaration. These efforts will focus on youth engagement and outreach, highlighting how young people across the globe are coming together to find a common path forward for addressing the climate crisis and challenging governments to follow their lead. These efforts will include advocacy training, the development of advocacy materials, social media campaigns, and outreach to governments and international organizations. Particular efforts will be made to ensure that students who participated in this process will represent this work in speeches and panels at major climate and international gatherings. The students will also collectively develop and release annual report cards measuring national and global progress against the goal of actually solving the climate crisis.

In September, MUN Impact and OneShared.World will officially launch the campaign with the hopes of hosting multiple in-person events around the world. Stay tuned for more information on leading your own Climate Conversation using our model and materials and more opportunities to engage with stakeholders and climate leaders.

“We Are the Change” by Lewis Parsons on Unsplash
“Wildfire” by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash
“Trop de CO2” by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash
“Windmills” by S N Pattenden on Unsplash
“Act Now or Swim Later” by Chris Boese on Unsplash